Below are the Real Estate Association of Hamilton and Burlington Weekly Statistics Report for:

June 7th 2020 – June 13th 2020

Hamilton RES New Listings:  285
Hamilton RES Sold Listings:  179
Hamilton RES Average sale price:  $609,218.00
Hamilton Commercial New Listings 38
Hamilton Commercial Sold Listings 1

Burlington RES New Listings:  65
Burlington RES Sold Listings:  55
Burlington RES Average sale price:  $933,316.00
Burlington Commercial New Listings 6
Burlington Commercial Sold Listings 0

Haldimand RES New Listings:  25
Haldimand RES Sold Listings:  24
Haldimand RES Average sale price:  $595,528.00
Haldimand Commercial New Listings 1
Haldimand Commercial Sold Listings 0

Niagara North RES New Listings:  26
Niagara North RES Sold Listings:  23
Niagara North RES Average sale price:  $554,265.00
Niagara North Commercial New Listings 0
Niagara North Commercial Sold Listings 0

1) All data are from RAHB Matrix including non member inter-board listings.
2) Hamilton area:  Region = Hamilton
3) Burlington area:  Municipality = Burlington
4) Haldimand area:  Region = Haldimand County (including Canborough/Dunn/Moulton/Sherbrooke)
5) Niagara North area:  Municipality = Grimsby and West Lincoln (including Smithville)
6) Sale price >= CAD $40,000