Home Staging TipsWhen you’re ready to move to a new home, you don’t want your old property to sit around on the market forever. 
If you want to sell your home quickly, and get your asking price to boot, then you should consider home staging.
Staged homes will spend half the time on the market than non-staged homes. In fact, homes that have been staged on average sell in just 42 days.
Check out these home staging tips to get your home sold fast. 

Curb Appeal is Real

Everyone talks about curb appeal when buying or selling homes, and it’s a hot topic for a reason. 
First impressions are everything when selling. Some prospective buyers will drive by listings to check them out before they even consider doing a tour. If the outside of your home leaves something to be desired, then you’re already losing potential buyers. 
Make sure your walkways are power washed, your landscape is fresh and inviting, and any porch areas are clean and tidy. This shows the property is well cared for.
You could even go as far as giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. If that feels like too much, put out a fresh welcome mat. 
Making sure the outside of your home is inviting is important for the photo that shows up on online listings as well. 

Lighting is Important

One of the most important home staging tips is ensuring that your home comes off as bright and airy. No one likes dark, drab rooms. 
When you have scheduled tours, make sure blinds and shades are open, flooding the home with as much natural light as possible. 
If you want to give the appearance of even more light, consider repainting walls with light, neutral colors or adding light colored furniture. This will make rooms appear bigger and more spacious. 
Another way to cheat natural light is strategic mirror placement. Mirrors placed next to or across from windows can dramatically increase lighting and spaciousness. 

Clear Away Clutter

When trying to sell your home, it is important to make its potential shine through to potential buyers.
If your home is full of clutter and too many personal objects, it gives off the impression that your home is lacking storage space. 
Clear the countertops, bookcases, and closets of nonessential items. This is especially important for closets because closet storage space can be a make or break selling point for buyers. 
You don’t want to get rid of everything because you want your staged home to look natural and lived in, you just have to find the right balance. 

Give Rooms a Purpose

If you have any extra rooms in your home, don’t leave them open to interpretation.
Choose one purpose for that room and stage it that way. This will give buyers a clear idea of what the room is used for. You could stage it with a desk and bookcase to make it a home office, or turn it into a guest bedroom. 
If you used this extra room as a storage space and don’t have furniture to stage it, consider renting some or borrowing a few pieces from the rest of your home. 

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

This last one seems obvious but it is one of the most important home staging tips: keep your staged home as clean as possible. 
Cleaning isn’t the most fun thing in the world but it is an easy way to give off a good first impression to buyers. 
Bathrooms need to be sparkling clean, as a dirty bathroom will turn away a buyer immediately. If you have pets, be sure to remove pet odors as best you can. This means potentially steam cleaning carpets, or even replacing them if they are beyond saving.

Using These Home Staging Tips for Success

Remember, if you want to get your home sold as quickly as possible, home staging is one of your best options. 
Using these home staging tips will help showcase all of the potentials of your home to prospective buyers. 
Have any questions about how to sell your home, or questions about listings? Reach out to me today!