Better than average results across the board:

In the residential freehold market, listings were up 7% over the same month last year and sales were up 8.65 over August of last year.  Average sale price remained very steady, with a very slight gain over last year.
For the third quarter of the year, numbers of listings and sales in the residential market are well ahead of the same quarter last year, with listings up 10.7 per cent, sales up 13.5 per cent and average sale price up 3.5 per cent.
Keep in mind that last years 3rd quarter was heavily influenced by the HST implementation.
While third quarter figures compared favourably to last year’s third quarter, year to date results show a different story.  Listings of residential properties are down 3.3 per cent while sales are down 0.5 per cent for the same nine-month period.  Average sale price, however, is 4% higher year to date than last year at the same time. Total dollar volume of $2.895B in residential sales is 3.7 per cent higher than last year for the same period.