With the announcement today that the TTC and Metrolinx will jointly run the 3 new LRT lines in Toronto we in Hamilton are left to wonder: What does it mean for us?
With the announcement 2 weeks ago by TTC chair Karen Stintz that the TTC would not pay to opererate private lines it seemed that the new lines would be owned and operated completely by the private sector.  The announcement today lead TTC CEO Andy Byford to say the new agreement would ensure a “seamless” public transit system for riders, calling it a “huge day” for the TTC.
Why isn’t Hamilton pushing for a similar type of deal?  Toronto is getting 8.4 Billion in capital costs PLUS an operating subsidy.   Sure sounds like a great deal to me!
Personally I am on board with a public-private partnership to bring LRT to Hamilton.  We need it, and we need it badly.
Ontario Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli supports this type of partnership to build, design, finance, maintain and operate the LRTs, saying its Infrastructure Ontario agency had an “almost flawless” record of bringing projects in on time and on budget.
Lets hope the decision today sparks a fire that is needed to help move our city forward!
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