Unprecedented Times

First and foremost my thoughts are with everyone around the world who has been effected by Covid-19.

A huge thank you to everyone out there on the front lines risking their health to help us function and move forward not just locally and provincially but nationally and around the world.

Medically, emotionally, financially this is an unprecedented time we are experiencing right now.

With the lack of a crystal ball and in an ever changing world where updates are coming multiple times a day it is near impossible to predict the short term and long term effects this will have on real estate and then economy overall.

I am focussed on continuing to serve my clients in this time of need.

There are people in the middle of transactions, in the middle of a move, in the process of being evicted from rental properties – these people need options and answers. Until clear direction has come down from Federal, provincial and municipal authorities I will continue to help my clients navigate through this challenge.

Rest assured that we are here for you, ready and able to accommodate your needs, with health and safety being our top priority. We have made some adjustments to how we conduct business and associated real-estate transactions.

Hamilton and Surround Area Real Estate

  • I am still working, I am doing as much of that work as possible remotely.
  • I am still signing listings and offers via DocuSign (e-signatures).
  • I am talking on the phone vs meeting in person with clients.
  • If there is a situation where a property needs to be visited I am sure to follow then guidelines set forth by the Heath Minister and local recommendations.

Things are listing and things are selling – Boy are they selling!  Competition is a daily occurrence and things are selling for high prices, over asking in multiple offers.   I feel this will start to slow down as everyone adjusts and finds their new normal.

There are buyers out there that need to buy and sellers out there that need to sell.

Common practices moving forward:

  • Screening of all involved to see if any travel has occurred in past 14 days
  • Latex gloves are worn
  • Hand sanitizer is used before & after
  • I am the only one who opens doors, turns on lights inside the home
  • No carpooling with any clients
  • 6′ distance maintained throughout the visit

Please continue to monitor our local  municipal website that is updated throughout the day:

Stay safe, wash hands, keep your distance!
Happy to chat more (on the phone) anytime,