2020 Hamilton & Surrounding Area Real Estate Market Outlook

After one month of the 2020 real estate market the picture is beginning to unfold.   As was predicted so far the three major trends emerging are:

– a shortage of listings
– sales are up (competition for most listings)
– prices are up

What does this mean for you? 


Until the market levels off (if it does…) there is going to increased competition for what little listing inventory there is.  The majority of homes sold this year have sold with multiple offers and are selling for over asking.   You absolutely need a trusted professional to help guide you through this process. If homes are priced right they will not last.   A Realtor that knows the local market can help you navigate the madness and find you the right home, for the right price.

Pro Tips:

  • Get an auto-email notification set up so that you see the new listings instantly
  • See as many as you can so that when you see the right one you can act fast with confidence
  • If the property looks like it will sell in competition consider a pre-offer home inspection


Proper exposure and pricing is of great importance to make sure your home attracts the most interest (and offers).  Every property is different and careful consideration should be taken when preparing your home’s marketing plan.  Working close with your Realtor there is a lot of work to be done prior to the sign going in the lawn.  Yes – homes are selling quickly, but make sure you are not “leaving any money on the table” and use a professional Realtor with a proven track record

Pro Tips:

  • Take the time to touch up
  • Engage in pre-MLS marketing (make sure your listing is exposed)
  • Price accordingly (being overpriced is the “kiss of death” for a listing in this market)

I am always happy to discuss real estate.  Using my 11+ years of experience and leveraging the professional relationships and knowledge I have gained I will put you in the right position to feel like a winner in the 2020 Real Estate Market

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